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Bellevue International Training Center

About the Bellevue International Training Center

Inaugurated in April 2011, the Bellevue International Training Center (BITC) was created with the aim to offer world-class education and trainings about various medical topics to and from healthcare professionals.

One of the BITC’s main activities is offering American Heart Association (AHA) resuscitation trainings according to their latest guidelines. More than 12 instructors at Bellevue Medical Center have received intensive guidance by the AHA’s regional and international staff and are now certified to provide the training to others. The new facility is equipped with modern equipment and mannequins, in a nice setting for a great use by participants. The center has by now successfully offered several trainings to healthcare providers, inside and outside BMC, as well to the interested general public.

The 2 main trainings provided by the BITC/AHA resuscitation program are:

•Basic Life Support (BLS) Training

•Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Training:

If you are interested in taking a class or learning more about our center, contact us on 01-682666, ext. 7803.

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