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Info & Available Positions
Info & Available Positions

“ At BMC, Every person has the opportunity to create a long and successful career within our team. We have a strong tradition of developing talents who have demonstrated the ability to deliver excellent results in different ways for delivering premium patient care. We build on the strengths of each team member by ensuring continuous learning and development opportunities on and off -the -job. BMC is a great place to work at. You shall get to know our passionate way of performing care, our resilient staff, and our commitment to success with an unmatched sense of integrity and perseverance”.


A free-of-charge bus shuttle is available for BMC staff as follows:

From Al Sayad Square covering Galerie Semaan, Tayouneh, Furn El Chebak, & Habtoor to BMC:
- Morning: starting 6:00 sharp
- Evening: leaving BMC 19:20 sharp

From Nahr El Mot - Jdeideh covering Jdeideh, Dekwaneh, Saloumé round-about & Mkalles to BMC:
- Morning: starting 6:00 sharp
- Evening: leaving BMC 19:20 sharp

(Last Update October 2017)

Suppliers Payable Accountant (Click here for full info)

  • Reviews and controls account payables transactions (suppliers invoice) in order to post them into the accounting system taking in consideration the cost center analysis.
  • Prepares accounts payable for payment by checking the accuracy and propriety of all invoices.
  • BA/TS degree in Accounting or equivalent.

Medical Records Clerk (Click here for full info)

  • Completes the scanning of the patients files within a time limit.
  • Maintains the security, confidentiality, completeness, and accuracy of the Medical Record.
  • University student.

Chef - Dietary & Food Services (Click here for full info)

  • Plans and implements menu that has variety in food items, in coordination with the food services director.
  • Prepares and directs preparation of palatable regular foods according to a prescribed menu and recipes with a minimum of waste.
  • TS3 in Hospitality.

Registered Nurse - Pediatrics (Click here for full info)

  • Provides a high standard of direct and indirect age specific patient care.
  • Demonstrates the needed knowledge and skills necessary to provide care to patients admitted to the Pediatrics, including medical and surgical cases.
  • BS/TS degree in Nursing.

Electrical Technician(Click here for full info)

  • Applies policy and procedures.
  • Installs electrical systems including wiring and pulling cables.
  • BT/TS degree in Electronic.

Advance Practice Nurse (Click here for full info)

  • Provides direct, specialized, comprehensive care/nursing services, emphasizing health promotion, disease prevention and collaborative management strategies to positively affect health outcomes.
  • Identifies opportunities to develop standards of care and practice, participates in their development, implementation and evaluation, and directly implements aspects of care based on Evidence based practice.
  • Minimum 7 years of experience in Adult care.

Radiology Technologist (Click here for full info)

  • Performs diagnostic radiographic services.
  • Operates imaging equipment.
  • BS/TS degree in Radiology Tech.

Registered Nurse (Click here for full info)

  • Provides a high standard of direct and indirect patient care.
  • Drafts and evaluates the plan of care, implements nursing interventions that require substantial scientific and professional knowledge and skills.
  • Communicates and collaborates with physicians and multidisciplinary team about changes in patient’s condition.

Nurse Assistant - All units

  • Provides support to the nursing team, including transportation of patients and provision of basic nursing care under the supervision of a registered nurse.