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About BMC
About BMC
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Mission, Vision & Values


BMC is a university healthcare organization that offers healthcare services to its patients in a facility of the highest standards that embraces patient centered care, compassion and kindness.


It is the vision of BMC to position itself in the market as the provider and employer of choice for those seeking excellence with highest levels of patient care, safety and professionalism.


To be able to achieve its vision, BMC adopts the following values:

•B: BMC adopts a “Just Culture”

•E: Excellence in services; exceeding patients’ expectations

•L: Loyalty; gaining patient and employee loyalty

•L: Leadership; evolving towards servant leadership style

•E: Efficiency in processes and services

•V: Valuing Patient Safety as the core of our care

•U: Utmost achievement through Teamwork

•E: Evolvement through Continuous Development

•M: Maintaining high standards of Ethics

•C: Compassion; Respect; Care and kindness are incorporated in our global approach to patient care


Quality & Safety
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