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Departments & Services
Departments & Services
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Medical Support Services

At Bellevue Medical Center, we are equipped with a large range of cutting-edge, modern medical equipment that serve the medical needs of our patients. We take care in offering them an excellent service during their tests.


Clinical Research
Keeping in line with it’s commitment to advances and innovation in medicine, Bellevue participates in the conduct of research in various fields of medicine. Research studies undergo a thorough approval process by a dedicated committee of professionals who are responsible to promote and facilitate the conduct of clinical research in an ethical manner. 
For more details, check out our Clinical Research” section.

Dietetics and Nutrition
The main objective of the dietary department at Bellevue Medical Center is to cater customized food that are healthy and nutritious to patients based on their dietary needs that are required to optimize their health. The dietary department offers two choices of meals, one Mediterranean and the other international, in order to satisfy their cultural preferences.
For more details, check out our DIETARY SERVICES” section.

Our large department consists of clinical pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and support personnel, whose thorough work applies the highest international standards to ensure patients receive the best pharmaceutical quality care possible.

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
Our rehabilitation and physical therapy center covers wet and dry areas overlooking the beautiful surrounding green valley of Qanater Zbaidah, offering services to both in and outpatients. The dry area includes a state of the art gymnasium with a wide range of specialized equipment catering for different types of rehabilitation. The wet area includes a 3-leveled hydrotherapy pool with aqua bike and water jet massage therapy.

Our psychiatric department offers several lines of services for both in and out patients. It covers: Mood and anxiety disorders, substance addictions, eating disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, and other specific conditions.

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