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Colorectal Cancer Awareness Campaign
March / April 2017

BMC Fights Colorectal Cancer

And uniquely offers the FIT screening test for FREE

Starting March 20 and for a period of 1month, Bellevue Medical Center (BMC) is conducting a colorectal cancer awareness campaign; with the collaboration of SAID NGO.

Colorectal cancer is the 3rd leading worldwide cancer, however, from a recent survey undergone on the Lebanese population*, more than 60% have never heard of it. Part of the reason for this is that colorectal cancer rarely causes symptoms in the early stages; and is found in people even without family history. Since awareness in Lebanon about this type of cancer is still low; very few people know about or do any preventive screening for it. The recommended screening test is the FIT, which is a simple test that should be performed every year. The golden test is colonoscopy, a procedure performed by gastroenterologists; however it is costly and invasive, and is recommended once every 10 years.

Dr. Cesar Yaghi, head of the gastroenterology unit at Bellevue Medical Center (BMC), and one of the main protagonists behind the colorectal cancer awareness campaign conducted by the hospital, says: “Unfortunately, 99% of cases we receive in our clinic are already in very advanced stages. If only we could increase people’s awareness of this disease, screening would increase, and we could catch many, many more cancers in early & treatable stages and save people’s lives”.

BMC is the only hospital which screens with the FIT test today; the simple, accurate, non-invasive test that is recommended for detecting colorectal cancer. During the awareness campaign, BMC will offering an exceptional free testing for FIT during 1 month, with the aim of increasing the awareness and screening in the community. Other campaign activities are a fun interactive awareness stand at the hospital, a social media campaign, free doctor consultations, and more.

To know more about the BMC colorectal cancer campaign, contact us on 01-682666, ext. 5505.